We worked as Co-Producer, DP, Editor and Colorist on this collaboration with Le JIT Productions for Aldea, a Portuguese-inspired restaurant in the Flatiron District of New York City.

We collaborated with Le JIT Productions, a creative production company specializing in the spirits and bar world who developed the creative concept on Death & Co.'s new cocktail book trailer. Civil Sea Films acted as Director of Photography and Colorist for this stylized video.

We partnered with Repast Supply Co. to create a Kickstarter video for their Fonde Ravioli Roller. The Kickstarter reached its goal within the first day and gained the attention of celebrity chef Robert Irvine. 

We met Scott Carey of Sump Coffee in St. Louis, Missouri and were immediately intrigued by his story. After a tragic loss, he left behind his life as a NYC patent attorney and built St. Louis' premiere third-wave coffee house from the ground up.